Operation Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm

About Us

  • Chipping Norton Montessori has been in operation since early 2014. Since opening we have been providing a high quality care program for our children, by creating bonds with our families and local communities.

    We strive on being the best in the area, providing our children with the tools to create the best start in life. We do this by conducting incursions, which include the local fire brigade, police department, doctors, dentists and Kindi-farms. Our children take part in caring for their environment by looking after our vegetable gardens and tending to our chickens. We use our own produce both chicken eggs and the vegetables for the children to create their own meals throughout the day and prepare their own lunch. 

    Our Montessori Programs offer intense one to one lessons on materials. Children engage in mathematical concepts, learn about independence through practical life activities and engage in learning phonics in a fun an interesting manner. The children taking part in the Montessori programs learn vocabulary that is used in schools and are able to articulate many different concepts due to the one on one nature of the Montessori classroom. The independence fostered in a Montessori classroom carries on into the school environment as the children have already mastered many of the skills necessary to successfully enter into the school environment.

    We also implement an intense school readiness program for our preschool aged children which develop children’s English, Science and Mathematical intellect to prepare them for the school years ahead.

    But most importantly, we only employ the best educators who are dedicated to providing a stimulating and exciting program for our children, supported by their caring and nurturing nature and great team like attitude. A chef is present on premises, to provide 5 meals daily.

    Entry to the centre can be found by the use of a door bell and securely locked entry.

    Chipping Norton Montessori caters for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.